Our Trust’s improvement is based on partnerships with our schools where there is clarity on roles and responsibilities to ensure that improved outcomes are sustainable; it is designed to improve all academies.

Our agreement is based upon:

  • what academies are expected to do for themselves;
  • the way in which academies will benefit from working together to support each other’s improvement and achieve a collective responsibility and accountability for improving outcomes for children and young people;
  • how the Trust will work with academies where it believes it can add value;
  • when and how the Trust will intervene in an academy to ensure the needs, progress and outcomes for children and young people are secure and improving quickly.

Academies will:

  • be led by inspirational leaders and governors who ensure that children have the best start in life, the best teaching and great opportunities to develop as individuals and children of God;
  • become “Good” or “Outstanding” enabling them to make informed choices about their future;
  • be an inclusive family that supports strong communities and provides leadership in our communities;
  • be autonomous but work collaboratively, providing support when needed and appropriate, supporting each other to provide the very best for children
  • recruit the best teachers who are focused on teaching and learning, and actively engage in their continued professional development;
  • operate as a family, within the family of church academies.

The Trust will:

  • be the champion of our children, families and their communities;
  • facilitate creative and local solutions to secure rapid academy improvement;
  • support our academies on their journey to excellence through effective challenge and support;
  • be committed to supporting academies with the greatest need so that they can succeed as well as others;
  • value and support all staff to succeed through quality professional development opportunities
  • act swiftly to challenge governors and Principals to improve their academy’s performance with integrity and transparency in the use of our intervention powers;
  • celebrate success of our academies;
  • work closely with academy leaders to extend the provision of school to school support at all levels