Vision & Values

St Chad’s Academies Trust provides the strong infrastructure and accountability framework to  enable our academies to flourish and improve, promoting and preserving their Christian distinctiveness. Our uniqueness will ensure that whilst providing the best possible education for our children and young people we will also provide the spiritual care and guidance for our children of God. Schools already feel part of the Diocesan family and therefore joining St Chad’s is a natural extension of this relationship.

St Chad’s Academies Trust is the Multi Academy Trust of the Lichfield Diocese, and joining is seen as a way of strengthening the Christian ethos of the school embracing the mission to nurture the whole child, encouraging them to flourish as a child of God; spiritually, morally, socially, culturally as well as academically. Trust in the diocesan family is citied as a key driver for schools wanting to join the Diocesan MAT of St Chad’s.

The implementation of the agreed academy improvement strategy will be underpinned by the strong partnership and Trust with school leaders. We all contribute towards the moral imperative of improving outcomes for children and young people. Leadership at all levels, Trust and Academy, share a high ambition to make every academy a great academy, where Trustees, local academy committee members, senior leaders and staff have high expectations and aspirations for the pupils in their care. We will provide high quality training opportunities in leadership; research and professional development, growing the ‘family’ of successful church academies across the Trust. Academies will enjoy the benefits of both belonging to and contributing to the strategy.

School to school support is a strength of the Trust, continuing to share best practice across academies in a systematic and coherent manner, improving academy’s awareness of local expertise. The relationship between the Trust and the academies is based on trust, openness and a shared vision – our relationship is integral to our success to date.

The Christian obligation, developed over two hundred years, provides the platform for our success, ensuring that families of church academies develop effective and creative models of system leadership whilst maintaining their individuality. All academies, from the high performers to the most vulnerable, will access and receive the appropriate support and challenge to improve further. All academies will be good and outstanding. St Chad’s Academy Trust is committed to raising and sustaining high standards of achievement focussing on the aspirations, expectations and confidence of pupils, working with staff, parents and the community.

Professional development is a key strand of the strategy and our success. Quality training and support will be provided to ensure teaching never less than good. The focus on sharing good practice to help each other is demonstrated by the effective Quality Learning Circles in place where staff from all academies contribute to the school improvement agenda, whether this be at subject area or leadership level. Everyone has a contribution to make, everyone has a voice and collectively we can only be ‘better together’.

St Chad’s Academy Trust recognises that leaders and staff are key agents of change and will work collaboratively to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils, staff, parents and the community.



St Chad’s Academy Trust will actively promote and support the development of thriving learning communities and work relentlessly to enrich and enhance parental engagement, strengthening the role of academy within the community and parish.

The Trust will work closely with the Regional Schools Commissioner, Department for Education and Local Authorities to facilitate and co-ordinate, where appropriate, the conversions of maintained schools to academy status.