How We Work

‘Every academy a good academy’


  • a recognition that, while St Chad’s Academy Trust is accountable for overall standards, it is the academy and local academy committee members who are responsible for the standards achieved by its pupils;
  • recognition that improvement comes first and foremost through high quality teaching from committed and professional teachers whose skills and competence are recognised and respected and their professional development supported;
  • recognition that the improvement process is a collaborative one, requiring communication and co-operation within the academy and between the academy and its  partners and the wider community that it serves;
  • equity of access and equity of provision as well as a continuum of provision for diversity of need;
  • acceptance of the importance of effective leadership  (Senior Leaders and Local Academy Committee Members)  – having a clear vision and high expectations for pupils as well as the skills to translate that vision and those expectations into reality;
  • recognition that every academy is capable of improvement; that the academy is best placed to identify particular areas for improvement and that sustained improvement comes from within the academy;
  • acceptance that strong support from the Local Academy Committee is vital in ensuring that academies can deliver sustained improvement;
  • recognition that there will, at times, be a need for an external view of progress as well as support and, possibly, more active interventions to ensure, in keeping the pupil-centered focus of the policy, that poor quality educational experiences are not allowed to continue.