Ways To Pray


From Palm Sunday, the diocesan prayer diary has been adapted to reflects the challenges of facing Coronavirus with our sisters and brothers across the world.

daily prayer video is being posted on our diocesan Facebook page every weekday at 1pm for people across the diocese to join in prayer together, and shared in our Facebook group. This week’s prayers are being led by Julie Jones and Bishop Michael. Please share!

Our DVE team have produced a useful pdf with ideas and links for prayer during this time. Liturgy and prayer resources are also available on the national CofE website.

Lichfield Cathedral has a virtual prayer wall. On the page people can write a prayer, which is then sent to staff at the Cathedral and posted on the wall. Visitors can choose to light a virtual candle to mark their prayer or the memory of a loved one.

Religious education support through coronavirus – for parents and children

RE Today, in partnership with NATRE, has produced a series of free, quality-assured online resources to support parents and their children with the provision of religious education activities for use during the coronavirus crisis.

These resources are available for anyone to access at: www.natre.org.uk/about-natre/free-resources-for-you-and-your-pupils/